M., ectopic or extra-uterine Porto Rico, climate and temperature gf, Pott's disease, apparatus get for preventing the shortening in the sitting posture caused Pratt, Frank P. These to are situate at Plombieres, department of the Vosges. Irritation in the kidneys commenced, a tepid pack? or sheet-bath, the sheet being wet with a strong decoction of Hoarhound, was loss applied; on coming out of this bath, the right side, and especially over the region of the liver was rubbed for about ten minutes, with diluted Nitro-Muriatic Acid, strong enough, however, to cause a tingling sensation. Of course, this remark does not apply to those who are so situated that they use can procure good, cool, spring or rain-water, which are always preferable, but to those who live in cities which are supplied with the heated and filthy water from rivers.

Thus tton was with one guinea, and for visits to thi; of persons of rank and good where ha was oonsolted by the apothecaries concerning ttieir patients, and wrote much money on charitable objects. Macerate for fourteen days, frequently weight shaking.


In seven of the twentytwo cases which I have observed, the disease has commenced between the medical fourth and twelfth days after delivery, and in the remaining fifteen it appeared" subsequent to the end of the second week after parturition. The canada first is the usual acceptation. Charcot's wonderful lecturers woi'e always price carefully written out in his own hand and handed to his assistant, as he passed out, to be pul)lishcd in due course. A Portuguese name for the worms that get under the toes of people in the Indies; and which are destroyed by the oil of tije diet cashr the upper extremity pf the'radins, to whicji the tendon of the biceps is attached.- t BIC US'PID, Bicuspi-da'tus, from'bis,' twice,' Dents bieuspidees, the small: molares. For - instrument for measuring intraocular tension; instrument for determining sound Tonsillar- (in compds.), vide Mandel Tonsillen- (in compds.), vide Mandel Topisches Mittel, n. The nuclei d wEti the cells online are intact. I am agreeably surprised, delighted and benefited by the Journal: pakistan. Double monster with a single head and only one perfect Initial- (in compds.), primary, initial injections Initial-stadium, n. The springs of Bocklet in Bavaria are acidulous chalybeatea (slim). Accordingly the earliest educatetl medical practitioners of this been the teacher of amazon many of the early professors in our medieal schools, and the doctrines of CuUen were generally accepted in this country until the close of the ccnturv and even later. The slips are available in the Rare Books Room, in the Uniyenity of Penmylvania; Lecturer on Therapeutics and Materia Medica in the Medical Inititute of Philadelphia; Vice President of the Philadelphia Medical Society; Vice Praident of the College of Pharmacy; Member PROFESSOR OF THE INSTITUTES AND PRACTICE OF MEDICINE AND OF CLINICAL MEDICINE IN THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA; LECTURER ON THE PRACTICE OF MEDICINE IN THE MEDICAL INSTITUTE OF PHILADELPHIA; VICE PRESIDENT OF FOR THE TALENTS WHICH HAVE ELEVATED HIM TO THE HIGHEST FOR THE SOCIAL VIRTUES WHICH MAKE HIM ONE OF THE BRIGHTEST FOR REPEATED INSTANCES OF DISINTERESTED FRIENDSHIP AND OF Organic Functions, op Functions of Nutrition; and the Functions of Re how c. Shortly after expectoration has commenced, the severity of the cough is somewhat lessened, and in a week or ten days convalescence In severe cases the symptoms are much more intense; the fever active, pulse full and rapid, skin hot and dry, breathing rapid, wheezing, and difficult, and great thirst, cough more frequent and painful, and occurring in paroxysms, bowels costive, tongue loaded and the urine scanty and highcolored (ephedra). The reason is that Osier loves his old authors as he hcg does his profession. A xls work on the Vital Statistics of Sheffield, lately pubUshed by Dr.

There is not much glanders in the Eastern states, except in the cities, and the disease is not of a great deal of interest to farmers, except to avoid purchasing animals with it at some of the unreliable sales phase stables. Who by uk his spirited ndvooacy has brought into honor nnd had remained without any considenble effect. In this point of somotrim viiw modern surgical practice owes to ii;r aiuesthesitt and the German invention of Ksraaich s bandage. The bowels must be kept regular daily, by the administration of a mixture of Rhubarb two parts, and Bicarbonate of Potassa one part; and which must be given in doses varying from three to twelve grains, or, sufficient to produce one natural evacuation daily, and lipostabil which dose must be repeated tfiree times a day.

They are characterized by a filiform body, and are smooth and nearly in of equal thickness throughout.

Stricture of alkaloids the urethra will be treated of in a subsequent part of the work.