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We still dont know "Who Did It"...

Well, we still don't know who killed Frankie Bearse...!

But a crowd of about 80 people showed up at the Tales of Cape Cod last evening to hear the great granddaughter of Frankie, explain her theories and present a most detailed investigation into his death since the inquest and grand jury proceedings in 1933.Although the case is still unresolved, speculation still abounds.
Clover Archer, Frankie's great granddaughter has done countless hours of research into the murder, and presented an hour long talk that outlined possible scenarios of why and who might have done the murder, but after the presentation, more theories abound as to just what did occur with the liquor heist gone bad on December 30,1932

Most of the "Clews" that were uncovered, will be on display at the Barnstable Historical Society along with an interactive set of clues that let you figure out just who might have killed Frankie! (Remember, this really is an unsolved Murder and ALL tips and help will help solve this case!)

All the "Clews" are here...Please help solve the murder of Franklin Crosby Bearse by visiting the Barnstable Historical Society, Wednesday through Saturday, 1 to 4 and play detective with everything that Clover has presented. Her material will be on display until August 1st. 


Still unsolved after all these years..Murder in Barnstable!


                               Do You Know who Murdered this man ?

                                              Follow the Clews.....

                             As to who might be a suspect in Franklin Crosby Bearse's  murder

Stealing from criminals is risky business.  Criminals are often armed persons with poor anger management skills, and are easily irritated.


So when seven Barnstable boys tried to hijack a batch of contraband liquor from some bootleggers, two were shot, and one died.  It was December 30, 1932 and Prohibition had made it awkward to plan your New Year’s Eve party.  The liquor stores had all closed in 1920.  The murder was never solved.


Now the great-granddaughter of the murder victim has looked into the case, and will report on some of her intriguing discoveries on June 25that the Tales of Cape Cod Hall in Barnstable Village.  You will recognize the names, and may already be familiar with the scene of the crime.


The public is invited to attend Clover Archer’s discussion of the shooting of Franklin Crosby Bearse  and Manuel Robello . 

 The talk begins at 7 pm.  Admission is $10, and proceeds will support the Barnstable Historical Society.  Refreshments (non-alcoholic) and a chance to meet the author afterwards.